Safeguard against theft


Since a thief needs very little time to manage to get into your house, take your measures to discourage him and protect your assets.

  1. Install security locks on all external doors and safety mechanisms on windows, such as calipers, pins, etc., especially if the house is not on a floor. Secure any openings leaving, even if only away for a while.
  2. Put an “eye” at the main entrance of your house so you can check who your visitor is. Do not open the door to unknown if not sure what they want.
  3. Do not leave house keys in a place that is easy to find, such as under the rug or in a flower pot. They are the first spots that a thief will search. If you have to leave your key, prefer a person you trust.
  4. Make sure there is good lighting around the house. If you detect broken or blown light bulbs on the outside of the house, replace them immediately. Burglars avoid light.
  5. Do not abandon various tools outside the house. Consider that thus facilitates the prospective burglar.
  6. Secure inside the house stairs, stools, chairs, tables and whatever else can help thieves.
  7. Cut thick branches of trees that are very close to windows and terraces of the house. Most burglars climb like cats.
  8. Always keep jewelry, money and other valuables in a safe place, for example a small safe box. Anyway never expose them in prominent places.
  9. If you receive anonymous phone calls that appear suspicious to you, report it to the police. Do not give information to unknown over the phone. Many burglars tend to “trace” the territory by phone before attempting a burglary.
  10. Do not let specific information (such as when to return) to voicemail.
  11. Ensure entrances of your home are closed when you are in the garden or while “taking a nap”. Many thefts happen when the owner is in the house.
  12. If you have a garage, make sure the door is always locked. The open door indicates that you are not at home.
  13. Put on the buzzer only your last name if you are female and live alone.
  14. Mark all valuables such as TVs, stereos, cameras, etc., do not throw the guarantees or the instructions and keep a list of them. This will help you and the police after a robbery. Do not forget that much swag found by police never return to their owner because he cannot recognize them.
  15. Note carefully all the numbers of IDs, passports, credit cards, bank accounts, etc., keep them in a safe place and hold photocopies. So you will avoid many unpleasant situations in case of theft.
  16. If you have an alarm, put the alarm also on when you sleep and not just when you’re away. Most people only activate when leaving home and thieves know it. Several thefts have been avoided this way.
  17. Treat with caution any unknown person that might come to your door, in the basement or the staircase in your building. The young representing salesman, the technical of PPC, of OTE or the employee of the cleaning crew , may have in mind another kind of … cleaning your apartment. If you notice someone suspicious coming out of the opposite house and / or in your neighborhood, contact the police immediately.
  18. In case returning home you find out that burglary took place, do not touch anything. Alert immediately the police and your insurer.
  19. If you are confronted with the thief stay calm and do not react if armed. Give him a chance to leave, unless you can trap him without endangering. If you are opposite the thief yell a male name or turn on the light pretending you are looking for something.
  20. Talk to your neighbors and keep good relations with them. They will help you when you need it and you will help them too. Indifference is an ally of thieves.


7  Movements you should keep in mind before you leave:

  1. Inform neighbors whom you trust and the police department in your area. Also leave a phone number where they can contact you in case of emergency.
  2. Arrange the reception of your correspondence. The sight of envelopes in your mailbox is the best proof that you are away. It would be advisable someone you know to pass having a look at your home while you are away, and concurrently picking your mail.
  3. Switch off all electric devices but …
  4. Let the radio play or leave one to two interior lights on. Placing a timer that light up and off certain lights will be even better to discourage thieves.
  5. Lock up and secure doors and windows.
  6. Keep your valuable things (jewelry, money, etc.) in a safe or in a bank deposit box if you have, but leave a small amount in a visible place. Many burglars are occasional and afraid to continue searching.
  7. Activate the alarm or other security systems you might have.