Free of charge services from my office‏

Lending library   You can borrow a book from my lending library and when you return it you can borrow another book. You can pick up these books from my office or from Totem coffee shop if you live in Apokoronas area provided that you will notify me at least one day earlier before I come to Totem.

Attached you can find a list which will be enriched from time to time with new books. If you have any books in good condition which you don’t need you can give them to me. I pledge to you that I will mention the name of the donor to those who wish to borrow the books that you will offer. You are free to comment about the book in the section comments. I will include your comment in the next e-mail sending

2.       Hot Spot   There is a wifi internet connection in my office in Chania which you can use if you are downtown. My office is located at 11-19 Boniali str. close to Chania’s indoor market

3.       Car tax notice of payment printing  I can print off the car tax notice on the condition that you will give me the greek tax number of the car’s owner and the plate number of the vehicle

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How to insure your vehicles from now on

Primary health care plan by Eurolife

Prime Care Advanced

Annually renewable primary health care plan by Eurolife

Customer services helpline: 210 9555 600:

  • Open 24 hours a day , 365 days a year
  • Check cover and pre-authorize treatment

Claims information


  • Life insurance: The beneficiaries of the policyholder will be compensated by € 1,000 in case of  death
  • Primary health care as following:

Free of charge precautionary checkup once a year. It includes blood test-urine test-ESR-blood sugar test-urea-uric acid-cholesterol-HDL-LDL-SGOT-SGPT-alkaline Phosphatase-γ-GT-creatinine-triglycerides-total lipids-ferrum-ferritin-glucated Hemoglobin-surface Antigen-Total serum albumin

  • Medical consultation by visiting participating doctors. The policyholder pays € 8 per visit. Maximum number of visits 20 per year
  • Medical tests prescribed by participating doctors will be covered up to € 2,000 per year as long as they will be carried out in participating medical centers.

Total annual premium:  € 269

Total six months premium: € 136




This is a translation of an insurance quotation made by the undersigned and not an insurance policy. It will be effective for one month starting from the date of issuing. After this period covers and premium are subject to change. Please confirm given premium before proceeding with this insurance

Exceptions to cover:

  1. 1.      Medical tests which are carried out in non-participating medical centers
  2. Medical tests carried out on a precautional basis other than those specifically listed in the table of covers
  3. Medication cost when conducting specific medical tests and anesthesiologist’s fees where their presence is  required
  4. Diagnostic tests related to the diagnosis of hereditary burdens, exploring variations in the human genome or genome admixture of other organizations and engaging in any form of alternative medicine
  5. Diagnostic tests and medical visits related to refractive eye diseases

Five insurance companies “talk” about health


1.5million citizens seek refuge to Private Health Insurance

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New directive of the Bank of Greece

All kind of insurance policies will be effective right after the insurance premium is paid. This is provided for

by the Directive of the Bank of Greece which is effective by the 1st of January 2014.

Practically this means that regardless if it is a new insurance or a renewal, the insurance policy will be printed 

off immediately after the payment. 

A direct consequence of this change is that the insurance agent is not able to grant credit time to policyholders

who wish to collect their policy and settle up the payment later.

I draw your attention to this development and ask for your understanding for any malfunctions

Best commercial 2014 From New Zealand to show what driving too fast does

Watch this video and see what are the consequences of fast driving


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