Electricity and Natural Gas for your Home and Business.

Wanting to offer as many services as possible, so that people who trust me can find what they want easily and quickly, I started my activity as an energy consultant with HERON.

The company HERON is a producer and supplier of electricity and natural gas. With its programs, it can guarantee more economical pricing for the consumption of electricity than your current supplier. Thus you can reduce the money you spend on the electrification of your property, whether this concerns your residence or your business premises.

Solar Generous, EN.A, are just some of the most modern programs on the market that HERON can offer you, since they focus on the use of renewable energy sources.

In addition, it provides you with features such as:

check your bill every month by entering the number of the consumed kWh on the company's website
be informed every month of the final rate after the government subsidy has been apllied.
have a timely payment discount.

Become a HERO customer, easily and quickly, and enjoy unique benefits, designed especially for you!

We will serve you in this area with speed and responsibility, just as we have been doing all these years.

Let us know of your thoughts!
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