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What is the Amicable Settlement?

The amicable Settlement is a fast and easy way for the driver who is not
responsible for the accident to be compensated by his insurance
company. Both involved parties fill out the Amicable Settlement form
and each driver keeps a completed original form.

In case someone bumps your car, you can easily and rapidly be compensated by your insurance company simply by remitting them the Amicable Settlement form.

That means that the procedure finishes as soon as we have the form
Unfortunately not. There are some particular conditions in order to use
the Amicable Settlement. To be more precise:

The accident must have taken place on Greek territory
The insurance companies of the two involved vehicles must be members of the Amicable Settlement Scheme
There should not be serious injuries or deaths caused by the accident
The estimated amount of compensation shall not exceed the amount of 6000€.

And what do I gain by using the Amicable Settlement?
The driver who is not responsible for the accident gets compensated by
his insurance company rapidly, without everlasting and bureaucratic
procedures. In that way any litigation between the involved parties is
avoided due to this simplified procedure. Furthermore, the involved
parties get in contact with their company, meaning the company they
know and trust.

Is there by any chance an available copy of the Amicable Settlement
You should always have a copy of the Amicable Settlement form in your
car. You can simply print the form from here.

Don't forget to print it twice.

That seems nice but I have a few more questions. What happens in case:

My vehicle is damaged and the Amicable Settlement does not apply?
In this case the right procedure is the following one:

Call the Road Traffic Police
Call the Accident Care Service of your insurance company
Both of the parties involved should file a statement of the incident to their insurance company (positive in case one accepts the responsibility for the accident or negative in case of non acceptance of the responsibility)

The responsible for the accident does not take the blame for it.
In this case it is more than obvious that the Amicable Settlement does
not apply. You should follow the steps bellow:

Call the Road Traffic Police wherever the accident took place (even if the driver who caused it has left)
Call immediately the Accident Care Service of your insurance company.
File to your insurance company a negative statement attaching the report of the incident filed by the Road Traffic Police.

Contact your insurance company for further notice about the actions you should take. Your insurance company will guide you depending on the case.ε το κείμενό σας εδώ...

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